Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Failed Hobbies of 2015

As we all unfortunately know, it's January - AKA the dawn of new resolutions coming into play with an ardent enthusiasm that may or may not continue for the next 11 months. I figured it was therefore the perfect time to give a shout out to the numerous hobbies I took up that didn't quite make the cut for 2016. Or past the first month that I tried them.


This is one that you might remember if you followed my instagram right at the start of this blog when I occasionally posted photos of my Sunflowers. Looking back with the benefit of hindsight, this venture was always going to be doomed to failure. Namely because I don't like dirt, I severely dislike manual labour and, being completely honest, I don't really like gardening itself. It was never going to work out.

 I started off with the usual enthusiasm that I have whenever I'm starting something new. I got some pretty gardening gloves and a pink trowel, planted my seeds into little pots and put them in the conservatory. Things went pretty well for the first few months (if you can count watering them sporadically whenever I remembered as well), but took a downward turn as the summer months hit. In my gardening naivete, I thought I could just leave the the pots inside and watch a beautiful greenhouse style paradise bloom before my eyes. Wrong! A second reading of the back of the packet actually indicated that my budding flowers were now ready to be planted outside.

Long story short, I grumpily transferred them to the garden, half heartedly attempted to attach them to wooden sticks that I found lying around to keep them upright and then tried to forget about the whole thing. A few weeks later the dog's ball landed in amongst them a few weeks later and he cheerfully trampled them all, along with my hopes and dreams of being given my own gardening show.

The culprit!
Jewellery Making

After deciding that I wanted to take up an indoor activity, I decided to turn my hand to jewellery making. This sounds like an easy enough hobby, but in my mind I had great aspirations that were obviously never going to be realised. At one point I genuinely believed that I was going to start churning out bracelets and selling them in a wildly successful online shop. I made about three bracelets, wore one out, it broke on the middle of nightclub dancefloor and another great business venture was promptly shelved. My amazon wishlist, however is still full of charms and ribbon.


This was another one that I envisioned as a potential career move. Showing no signs of learning from my bracelet making scheme, I thought I would take up crochet, make the world's cutest animals which would all sell out and allow me to have a job I could do while sitting infront of the TV. Long story short I made a mouse head, a mouse body, couldn't really work out how to join them together and that was the end of that!

Reading all of The Perfect Library list

This is another one that people who have followed my blog for a while might remember. Basically my local library compiled a list of all the books that they felt comprised the "perfect library" and I decided I was going to read them all within a year, even though after putting it off for a few months I would basically have to read several books a day to even have a hope of completing it.

To be fair, I kind of stand by my decision to abandon this one. Feeling pressured to read books that I wasn't massively interested in was starting to take the fun out of reading for me and was horribly reminiscent of being back at school. I did discover a few amazing books, so it wasn't a total loss and I may well go back to my list when I'm looking for a recommendation, I just won't force myself to try to read the whole thing. (Especially because Twilight is on it.)

So that was some of my massively failed attempts to broaden my horizons and try new things (and I haven't even mentioned them all, there was a horrendous four week Photoshop class that I signed up for that I'm trying to block from my memory.) I don't regret any of them because they were all (borderline) fun at the time, so here's to trying my hand at some more in 2016!