Sunday, 13 December 2015

How to: The 12 Pubs of Christmas

I missed the 12 pubs of Christmas last year because I was in Thailand. I am in no way at all complaining about this (especially whenever I look out my window and see the torrential rain and remind myself that this time a year ago I was on a beach), however it does mean that I was raring and ready to tackle 12 pubs with a wild enthusiasm. (To be fair, I'm always ready for the pub with wild enthusiasm but this was a whole new level.)

For anyone who has never heard of this wonderous event before (and it was new to me until I saw it all over facebook last year, correct me if I'm wrong on this but I think it's an irish thing?) it's basically just a glorified pubcrawl in Christmas jumpers.

It's not unlike pub golf actually. (Infact, you could say it is entirely similar to pub golf.) Basically our friend mapped out 12 pubs, along with specifications of what drink to do in each pub ranging from pints or spirits or shots of doom. Guaranteed to be a really good night, right?!

Having successfully (and surprisingly) made it to all 12 pubs I thought I'd share my little tips and tricks for how to have an amazing night:

Plan a route before you go

If you only take away one piece of advice, make it this one. This is not a night to casually ramble about and see where the night takes you. Plan out your pubs with military precision, making sure they're all relatively near each other. If some of your pubs are slightly further away start with them first and finish on a run of pubs that are as close together as possible.

Finish on a good pub

Potentially a no brainer, but I figured I'd mention it anyway - make sure your last stop is a good one because you'll be spending the rest of your night there. It's also worth considering what places will be easy to get into in terms of strict bouncers etc because by this point you'll have had 11 prior drinks and may be slightly merry.

Take all of the photos on one person's phone

We took a photo outside every pub, however we made the rookie error of taking them all on different people's phones, meaning it was a lot more effort to then assemble all 12 photos together in a nice little facebook album (infact I'm pretty sure we're probably still missing some of them). Choose your friend least likely to drop their phone in a ditch and take all of the photos on that saving yourself the hassle of an ill advised picture treasure hunt the next day.

Don't do too many pint rounds

Unless you're planning on starting early try to limit the number of pints you have. If you have a lot of time on your hands by all means go for it, but if you're trying to complete 12 pubs in a brief window of time pints are not your friend.

And on that note...

Make sure you have a few shot rounds

In. Shot. Out. Boom! A pub done!

Wear a Christmas T-shirt

That way if you get too hot in your Christmas jumper you're still dressed in an appropriately festive manner, smart eh!?

I was going to add a last point here about trying to be sensible, but then I figured that you've kind of passed the point of all smart decision making the moment you decide to even attempt the 12 pubs of Christmas in the first place so I'll just settle for saying have fun and just remember, everyone else is drinking at the same pace so you'll likely just be a bunch of fools together.

In other news Have The Town has had a bit of a Christmassy makeover, let me know what you think!