Sunday, 30 August 2015

Smooch Me Sunday #3 Topshop, Infrared

Ahhhh Infrared, my old trusty faithful! This is one of my favourite go-to lipsticks, so I felt it was time to take its place on the leaderboard. Spoiler alert - it's probably going to score well.

My Thoughts

Well,I think we all already know I'm a huge fan of this one, since I keep banging on about it. I love the shade, it's such a bright cheerful colour! I remember being a bit shocked when I first bought it because it's more orange than red based, and at that point I was very much a strictly red and pink lipstick only type, but once I got used to it I found I actually really like it!

This is the lipstick that gets the most compliments and requests to know what I'm wearing more than any other.

It's a gorgeous , smooth matte texture that glides on pretty easily! The staying power is nothing to write home about, it's not brilliant but it's also not notably bad!

I have to also mention the packaging here, it's so cute! Look at the pretty stripes! A design after my own heart!

The Scores

Pigmentation - 9
Staying power -7
Ease of Application -8
How much I enjoyed wearing it - 9

Infrared gets 33 out of 40. Bravo!

The Leaderboard