Thursday, 27 August 2015

Dress Diary #5 The Super Flowery Dress

And it's another Dress Diary!

This was another buy from Boohoo! It's weird the emotions you go through when your order arrives isn't it? First that little frisson of joy when you see it there, all ready to be unwrapped, then that fleeting moment of panic when you start to open it and worry that it will look horrendous on, and then that blessed sensation of relief when you're wearing it and it doesn't make you instantly want to go on a diet- a keeper!

The wonders of online shopping eh?

We went out for a friend's birthday where, as usual, I forgot to take any more photos, you're all probably getting used to the sight of this door now, eh?! I had a great night, I also had a ton of vodka jelly shots which may or may not be linked to the fact that I forgot to take any photos...

Anway, it's apparently birthday season! These photos are from a party we went to last Saturday, and we've two more coming up for the next two weekends as well, so I should have a whole heap (well at least two more) of Dress Diaries coming up!