Sunday, 23 August 2015

Smooch Me Sunday # 2, MUA Coral Flush

Today's lipstick is very special! Why! I hear you ask? Because, it cost £1! £1! For a lipstick! I kind of figured this was either going to be amazing or be the worst lipstick ever but I think it's always nice to do reviews of lower end products because they're the ones that people can afford to go out and buy. There's nothing worse than reading a review of a product and knowing buying it would blow your budget!

This lipstick was an extra gamble, because as well as being too cheap to be real, the colour I wanted didn't have a tester open and the tube was covered in plastic so I couldn't even sneakily open it to see what it looked  like in real life. Lipstick roulette to the extreme!

Slight side note here- does anyone else think that sometimes the representation of the colour on the tube is comically bad? Sometimes I see something I think is a really nice hue and then I open it and it's a shocking shade of bright pink that even Barbie would be loath to try. Why!

My Thoughts

I'm not going to compare this lipstick to, say, one of my ones by MAC because that would just be ridiculous, I think I have to compare this one to other lipsticks I would find in a lower price bracket. With those thoughts in mind I'd have to say I'm pretty impressed! The colour pigmentation is pretty good and it applies and wears reasonably well!

Is it the best lipstick I've ever tried? Of course not. Is it good for the amount I've paid? Absolutely. Would I buy a MUA lipstick again? I reckon I would!

Coral Flush with lipgloss on top

The Scores 

Pigmentation - 8

Staying power -6
Ease of Application -8
How much I enjoyed wearing it - 8

Coral Flush gets a grand 30/40

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