Saturday, 22 August 2015

Benefit Build Your Own Kit

Recently I bought myself one of of those Benefit make your own kit type things and I thought I'd do a bit of a review! 

As you can see above, everything comes in a really cute pink case and you can pick a product from their range for eyes, cheeks and complexion. It was a tough choice, but I eventually decided on the following :


I love a good blush, so I thought I'd give Rockateur a go! I really love the colour of this,  it's a pretty rose gold shade and it blends really nicely creating one hell of a healthy flush. I also quite like the brush that comes with it. Usually I tend to ignore the accompanying brushes for products and just use my own ones anyway, so the fact that I'm using the one that came with this is a good sign!

Also,Fun Fact, According to the Benefit website this is the UK's top selling blush!

Erase Paste

I've been using this to cover dark circles and brighten up my eye area. It's a tiny tub, but it's very concentrated so a tiny amount will do! I love the consistency of this, it's thick and creamy but also very blendable. It also comes with a spatula which is pretty random! I just use my fingers,  I can't really imagine anyone actually using going to the effort of using it! On the downside, I bought the lightest shade and it's still not pale enough to match my skin. This is probably my fault though for rivalling Caspar in terms of complexion. (Think it might be time to move back to Florida...)

That Gal

This is my favourite product of the lot! I use this every day underneath my foundation and it just gives such a gorgeous glowy dewy effect! Sadly the staying power isn't amazing so I do have to top up during the day, but I will absolutely be repurchasing this when it runs out!


One of the appeals to buying the kit is that you actually get to pick a bonus product and I went for the Benebalm. The reviews on this product haven't exactly been raving and I can see why. The colour pay off just isn't as good as you'd expect, it definitely is more of a subtle kind of tinge so people expecting it to have the same pigmentation as Benetint will be disapointed. I do like it though, it gives a nice subtle sheen to the lips with just a hint of colour and it makes my lips feel gloriously soft. That said, if this hadn't been free and I'd paid £14.50 for it I don't think I would have been overly impressed and the chances of me repurchasing are remote!

I took a few photos with the whole lot on my face so you could see what it all looks like once it's been applied!