Monday, 10 August 2015

Dress Diary #4 Strawberry (fields) Dresses Forever

I bought this dress in the sale from House of Fraser and was going to wear it to the blogger meet up last weekend however it got really crumpled in my case and I was running too late in the morning to bash about with the iron, so I wore it this weekend instead!

The actual make of the dress is "Trollied Dolly" and they have lots of pretty numbers which I'm now lusting after!

We went to Portrush for the day, which is a lovely seaside town up near the Giant's Causeway, and saw an outdoor screening of The Little Mermaid! We were the only adults there without children, but TLM is one of my favourite films so obviously I wasn't bothered! (And once you've spent a year working at Disney World, going to a children's movie feels like the most natural thing in the world.)

It wasn't raining when the film was on, though it did start the second I decided to take some outfit photos obviously!

I went out on Saturday night, and of course I didn't get a full photo of my outfit, but someone did take a really nice picture of me with my boyfriend, Awwwww! We're coming up for three years together soon!

Let me know what you got up to at the weekend in the comments!