Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Outfit of The Day & Coffee in The Mountains

I have a weakness for spotty clothes. Basically whenever I see any item featuring polka dots I have to buy it.

I got a new spotty skirt recently from my favourite boutique in Belfast, Liberty Blue. I adore this shop but the only marginally negative thing I'll say about it is that they have the mirrors outside the changing rooms meaning that if you want to see how something looks you have to come out of the safe cocoon of your cubicle for everyone to see.

The sales assistant always comes over to give advice which is nice and I get why they do it because it's their job to sell, but it always makes me feel a bit shy. Anyway, when I tried this skirt on the girl who was working that day (who was absolutely lovely) told me it was nice in a Minnie Mouse kind of way. I don't know if that selling technique would have worked on the average bear, but luckily for her I view Minnie Mouse as a kind of style icon and headed straight to that till.

Skirt -Liberty Blue, Top & Shoes - H&M

Bit of garden scenery there for a change! I promise we do try to look after it, even if these pictures make it look like I'm standing in an ill maintained jungle.