Thursday, 2 July 2015

8 Photos of Happiness

A big thank you to Elle and and Michelle who nominated me for the 8 photos of happiness tag. This has been my favourite tag yet, I could have picked 8 photos just from when I lived in Florida alone, it was so tough to narrow it down!

I decided not to edit these other than cropping them a bit. I thought I'd just show you all my happy moments, dodgy pictures and all. (Not that I'm saying my usual photos are amazing, I don't think I'm going to be taking up a career as a photographer anytime soon.)

This is me and my room mate from when I lived in Florida posing infront of the apartment we lived in. We had the whole thing decorated like a beach and I have so many happy memories (and lack of memories) from living here.

This picture was taken the summer me and one of my best friends worked as supervisors on a berry farm. It was such a hilarious, crazy summer and this was taken at a party in my squad's caravan - we were partying most nights and then in work at 6am the night day, I don't know how we did it!

This is me and one of my best pals in Tenessee. A group of 8 of us drove through from Orlando and stayed in a log cabin with a giant hot tub and a porch swing up in the Smoky Mountains! We went to Dollywood which was epic, Dolly Parton is a living legend.

This is another photo from Orlando taken at a ridiculous Christmas in July party we went to. My memory of the night gets foggy but there was definitely some kind of ill advised christmas karaoke involved.

How could this not be included?! The time I went to Ramsay Street, home to legends Susan and Karl Kennedy. Interesting fact : Apparently the people that own the houses get paid so much for allowing filming to take place that they all have yachts which they have to hide in their garage. (Personally I think Neighbours on a yacht sounds great, guaranteed to end in some kind of capsizing disaster)

These were taken in a photobooth in a bar in New York. It was back when my boyfriend was still living in Florida and we were doing the whole long distance thing for a few months till he came home. We met halfway through in New York and had a ball of a time.

This was taken on Valentines Day in Australia when we travelled the Great Ocean Road.

This was a photo from my last day working at Walt Disney World. This costume is what they think people from the UK wear.

Aaaaaaaaaaand I have to do a bonus photo :

Couldn't leave him out!

Hope that was all at least vaguely interesting! If you fancy doing this tag then please feel free to tag yourself and make sure you link me to it because I'd love to read it!