Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Roman Holiday, Part One

Recently my boyfriend and I ticked another place off our Travel Bucket List and headed off to Rome for a long weekend. I've been to Italy before, albeit not to Rome, with my family several years ago so I knew we were in for a treat, and what a treat it was! The weather was amazing, the food was incredible and the people were wonderfully friendly. Rome - I love you!

We flew from Dublin airport, and it was a pretty short flight with the time in the air being just over 3 hours, which is nothing compared to the mammoth excursion we had coming home from Australia!

After some confusion about taxis at the airport (someone with the exact same surname as me took our taxi by mistake and hilarity ensued involving a series of bizarre interactions with their taxi driver and confusing phone calls to the hotel reception desk) we arrived at The Villa Grazioli.

I found this place when I was looking for hotels on expedia and nearly wrote it off because it's actually slightly outside Rome, but nowhere else looked half as nice and it was only a half hour train journey into the city centre, so we decided to just go for it.

It. was. gorgeous. The building is a villa dating back to 1580 which has since been renovated to turn it into a hotel. I've never stayed anywhere like it before, it had heaps of character and it was amazing staying somewhere with so much history to it!

We spent a stupid amount of time walking around taking photos, which I can safely say I have never done in a hotel before but it was just too amazing not to.

We didn't do too much for the first day, our flight in the morning was at 6am so by the time we got to our villa and recovered from the whole wrong taxi fiasco we were knackered. (Potentially this defeats the point of getting an earlier flight so we would be there early most of the first day but you live and learn!)

One thing we did do was venture into the nearby village of Frascati for food. We went to a restaurant called Belvedere that was recommended by the lovely man who worked in the hotel and it was amazing. Like, I want to quit my job, pack up all my belongings and move to Italy amazing.

Mozzarella & Rice balls

Zucchuni Flowers, Smoked Cheese & Bacon

Spaghetti Carbonara
Afterwards we went to a nearby pub for a few glasses of wine (that were like 3 euros each, did I mention that I love Italy?) and that was our first day! Tune in for Part 2 where I actually venture into Rome! (I promise we did go!)


  1. Wow, that hotel looks divine!! I tend to spend the first day of a holiday the same way, settle into my surroundings and eat locally. That food looks incredible, Rome may now have been bumped a few places higher on my list!

  2. Great post dear! I love your blog:)

  3. I love reading about travel blogs and the posts defining the beauty of the cities. I have read a lot about Roma and its cultural history. Hopefully you will get to see all the spots in the holidays.

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