Tuesday, 4 August 2015

A Weekend in Glasgow and Edinburgh

So this weekend I headed home to Glasgow with Stephen. (That's my boyfriend by the way, I don't know if I've actually mentioned him on here by name before!?) Living in Northern Ireland, I sadly don't always get home as often as I'd like, which means that whenever I do venture back, it's always a bit manic trying to fit everything in.

The journey to the airport was potentially the most stressful travelling experience I've ever had and that's saying a lot thinking back to the hair raising moments spent in the open back of a van in Thailand while the driver careered around the cliffs at top notch speed.

We ended up running really late somehow, and then there was an accident on the motorway and the traffic was all queued back and I genuinely thought I was going to have to message everyone and be like "Yeah, so somehow we managed to miss our domestic flight and we'll not be visiting after all. Sorry!" 

We managed to travel the world with no bother, I'm talking multiple flights, coach journeys and boat rides in foreign countries where we didn't even know where things were departing from, but send us to get a 45 minute flight from an airport that we frequent all the time and it's a struggle apparently!

After bolting through security we managed to get there just as the gate was opening and we touched down in Glasgow at 8pm Friday evening, dropped our stuff at my mum's and then headed to one of my university pal's houses where we had multiple much needed cocktails.

The next day we headed straight from there to Edinburgh where we met up with some friends we worked with at Disney World. Stephen had never been there before, so I thought it would be good to show him all of the sights. He got a proper Scottish experience in terms of the weather too, since it was torrential rain at some points. On the plus side this meant we got to see the inside of some nice bars!

I forgot to take my charger to my friend's house, so my phone was dead all day, meaning that I couldn't take pictures (actually a blogger's worst nightmare and also you notice how much everyone else is on their phones  when you're just sitting there twiddling your thumbs) but luckily Stephen had his phone handy so I just kept being like "Take a photo of that! And that! And that!"

We also went for lunch at a really cool place called The Boozy Cow. I ordered a cocktail and it came in a milk carton, how cute is that!?

When we got back to Glasgow we went for dinner with my mum before heading out to Ashton Lane in the West End for a few drinks. I love Ashton Lane, for anyone that's never been it's a street down a cobbled lane that's basically all bars.

On Sunday I said goodbye to Stephen till Tuesday and headed to the Scot Blog Meet up! I'll not go into detail on that here, cause I'm going to do a full post for it, but I had a grand old time!

And that was my weekend! I love being back in Scotland, can't wait to see Stephen again though! Has anyone else been to any other cities recently?


  1. It sounds as though you had a great visit home! Your photos are gorgeous :) I hope to get to visit Scotland some day - and preferably sooner than later, haha.


  2. It sounds like that was a little stressful! It looks like you had a fab time once you got to Scotland though. I love Edinburgh!

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com

  3. Ah I love Glasgow and Edinburgh! Two of my favourite places. Looks like you had a lovely time! X


  4. Photos look amazing! I'm glad you had a great time :). When I went traveling Edinburgh was one of my favourite places - it's so pretty and the people are friendly. xx