Sunday, 30 August 2015

Smooch Me Sunday #3 Topshop, Infrared

Ahhhh Infrared, my old trusty faithful! This is one of my favourite go-to lipsticks, so I felt it was time to take its place on the leaderboard. Spoiler alert - it's probably going to score well.

My Thoughts

Well,I think we all already know I'm a huge fan of this one, since I keep banging on about it. I love the shade, it's such a bright cheerful colour! I remember being a bit shocked when I first bought it because it's more orange than red based, and at that point I was very much a strictly red and pink lipstick only type, but once I got used to it I found I actually really like it!

This is the lipstick that gets the most compliments and requests to know what I'm wearing more than any other.

It's a gorgeous , smooth matte texture that glides on pretty easily! The staying power is nothing to write home about, it's not brilliant but it's also not notably bad!

I have to also mention the packaging here, it's so cute! Look at the pretty stripes! A design after my own heart!

The Scores

Pigmentation - 9
Staying power -7
Ease of Application -8
How much I enjoyed wearing it - 9

Infrared gets 33 out of 40. Bravo!

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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Dress Diary #5 The Super Flowery Dress

And it's another Dress Diary!

This was another buy from Boohoo! It's weird the emotions you go through when your order arrives isn't it? First that little frisson of joy when you see it there, all ready to be unwrapped, then that fleeting moment of panic when you start to open it and worry that it will look horrendous on, and then that blessed sensation of relief when you're wearing it and it doesn't make you instantly want to go on a diet- a keeper!

The wonders of online shopping eh?

We went out for a friend's birthday where, as usual, I forgot to take any more photos, you're all probably getting used to the sight of this door now, eh?! I had a great night, I also had a ton of vodka jelly shots which may or may not be linked to the fact that I forgot to take any photos...

Anway, it's apparently birthday season! These photos are from a party we went to last Saturday, and we've two more coming up for the next two weekends as well, so I should have a whole heap (well at least two more) of Dress Diaries coming up!

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Pirate Mini Golf

Yaaaaarrrr I be likin' me some Pirates, matey!

Call me a dork, but Pirate themed mini golf is my idea of heaven. Luckily for me there happens to be one about 45 minutes away from my house. And what a Pirate themed mini golf it is, they've really gone all out with it, canons and waterfalls galore!

On Saturday we decided to stop by for a quick game before going to my nephew's first birthday party. (Which was a delightful event, he even had a little party hat on at one point, awww!)

If I'd really thought this through I would have worn a nice outfit and uploaded this as an outfit post with the photos conveniently taken during my day out . Unfortunately I didn't have the foresight to do this and wore something I've already featured and now have to hold my hands up and say this post is basically just a bunch of photos of me and my boyfriend playing Pirate mini golf.

So here you are. A bunch of photos of me and my boyfriend playing Pirate mini golf!

Sadly I didn't win  (next time I'll have my vengeance) but I did manage to get an incredibly fluky and absolutely unplanned hole in one! Yaaaarrr!!

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Smooch Me Sunday # 2, MUA Coral Flush

Today's lipstick is very special! Why! I hear you ask? Because, it cost £1! £1! For a lipstick! I kind of figured this was either going to be amazing or be the worst lipstick ever but I think it's always nice to do reviews of lower end products because they're the ones that people can afford to go out and buy. There's nothing worse than reading a review of a product and knowing buying it would blow your budget!

This lipstick was an extra gamble, because as well as being too cheap to be real, the colour I wanted didn't have a tester open and the tube was covered in plastic so I couldn't even sneakily open it to see what it looked  like in real life. Lipstick roulette to the extreme!

Slight side note here- does anyone else think that sometimes the representation of the colour on the tube is comically bad? Sometimes I see something I think is a really nice hue and then I open it and it's a shocking shade of bright pink that even Barbie would be loath to try. Why!

My Thoughts

I'm not going to compare this lipstick to, say, one of my ones by MAC because that would just be ridiculous, I think I have to compare this one to other lipsticks I would find in a lower price bracket. With those thoughts in mind I'd have to say I'm pretty impressed! The colour pigmentation is pretty good and it applies and wears reasonably well!

Is it the best lipstick I've ever tried? Of course not. Is it good for the amount I've paid? Absolutely. Would I buy a MUA lipstick again? I reckon I would!

Coral Flush with lipgloss on top

The Scores 

Pigmentation - 8

Staying power -6
Ease of Application -8
How much I enjoyed wearing it - 8

Coral Flush gets a grand 30/40

The Leaderboard





Saturday, 22 August 2015

Benefit Build Your Own Kit

Recently I bought myself one of of those Benefit make your own kit type things and I thought I'd do a bit of a review! 

As you can see above, everything comes in a really cute pink case and you can pick a product from their range for eyes, cheeks and complexion. It was a tough choice, but I eventually decided on the following :


I love a good blush, so I thought I'd give Rockateur a go! I really love the colour of this,  it's a pretty rose gold shade and it blends really nicely creating one hell of a healthy flush. I also quite like the brush that comes with it. Usually I tend to ignore the accompanying brushes for products and just use my own ones anyway, so the fact that I'm using the one that came with this is a good sign!

Also,Fun Fact, According to the Benefit website this is the UK's top selling blush!

Erase Paste

I've been using this to cover dark circles and brighten up my eye area. It's a tiny tub, but it's very concentrated so a tiny amount will do! I love the consistency of this, it's thick and creamy but also very blendable. It also comes with a spatula which is pretty random! I just use my fingers,  I can't really imagine anyone actually using going to the effort of using it! On the downside, I bought the lightest shade and it's still not pale enough to match my skin. This is probably my fault though for rivalling Caspar in terms of complexion. (Think it might be time to move back to Florida...)

That Gal

This is my favourite product of the lot! I use this every day underneath my foundation and it just gives such a gorgeous glowy dewy effect! Sadly the staying power isn't amazing so I do have to top up during the day, but I will absolutely be repurchasing this when it runs out!


One of the appeals to buying the kit is that you actually get to pick a bonus product and I went for the Benebalm. The reviews on this product haven't exactly been raving and I can see why. The colour pay off just isn't as good as you'd expect, it definitely is more of a subtle kind of tinge so people expecting it to have the same pigmentation as Benetint will be disapointed. I do like it though, it gives a nice subtle sheen to the lips with just a hint of colour and it makes my lips feel gloriously soft. That said, if this hadn't been free and I'd paid £14.50 for it I don't think I would have been overly impressed and the chances of me repurchasing are remote!

I took a few photos with the whole lot on my face so you could see what it all looks like once it's been applied!

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Smooch Me Sunday # 1 Revlon Ulta HD, Petunia

I get asked quite often what lipstick I'm wearing when I post photos, so I thought I'd start a series where I review a different lipstick every (most) Sunday.

My first lippy of choice is Petunia by Revlon. This is part of Revlon's Ultra HD Lipstick collection - all of them are named after flowers which is pretty cute!

According to the website these lipsticks consist of a "unique, wax-free gel forumla for vivid colour in one smooth swipe."

My thoughts


I love the colour of this! The pigmentation is brilliant, you really do only have to apply it once to get a bold, pretty lip. I also love the smell of it, it's really fruity and it was an effort not to lick it all off! It was also easy to remove, just a swipe of a make up wipe and it was gone and I liked the way it didn't dry out my lips.


This is a messy lipstick. You can tell it has a different formula to most lipsticks, because it's a bit more...smudgy if that makes sense! You can even see by the photos that it's already smeared all over the tube it comes in! For someone like me who is already generally a bit clumsy this isn't ideal, infact I somehow managed to get it on my top when I was taking the photos of it. (Idiot!) I also don't really like the tip of it, I'm a sucker for the traditional point in my lipsticks, so it took a bit of getting used to.

The Scores (All out of 10)

Pigmentation - 9

Staying power -6
Ease of Application -5
How much I enjoyed wearing it - 6

I added that last category just because sometimes a lipstick can have the worst staying power and application process ever, but you still love wearing it because it's just so damn pretty!

Petunia gets a grand total of 26/40. I'll start a leader board when I review more, seems a bit redundant doing it with just one!

Have you tried any of Revlon's Ultra HD lipsticks? Let me know how you got on!

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Looking for Alaska, John Green

I have another book review for you all today! Obviously it's not one from my Perfect Library Challenge (because aparantly that's not hard enough without trying to read other random books at the same time) but it's a book that I really enjoyed!

I just want to say that I'm aware that John Green has a book called Paper Towns that's just been made into a film, while I'm reviewing a book that he wrote over ten years ago, nothing like being behind the times!

This one's been on my To Read list for a while, I think it's actually a Young Adult book and potentially when it went onto my list I was a young adult, that's how long I've been meaning to read this for!

From the back :

"In the dark beside me, she smelled of sweat and sunshine and vanilla, and on that thin-mooned night I could see little more than her silhouette, but even in the dark, I could see her eyes-fierce emeralds. And not just beautiful, but hot too."

Alaska Young. Gorgeous,clever, funny, sexy, screwed up - and utterly fascinating. Miles Halter could not be more in love with her. But when tragedy strikes, Miles discovers the value and pain of living and loving unconditionally.

I have to say that the excerpt they've chosen for the back is probably my least favourite piece of writing from the book, it sounds a bit cheesy to my mind (and it feels like they've missed out parts so it doesn't really make sense) whereas I found the rest of the book to be beautifully written. I'm all about word choice, and John Green frequently left me thinking "I wish I'd thought of phrasing something like that!"

This book is actually now on the reading list for a lot of schools and is a coming of age story, where the protagonist Miles, fed up of his life in Florida (I had to take some time to get to grips with this. Fed up of Florida, Miles?! Really? Some of us would love to live there again!) moves across the country to attend the boarding school that his father went to. Under age drinking and pranks ensue, and always at the centre of everything is Miles' new friend Alaska, beautiful, wild and completely unavailable.

The main character, Miles is actually rather boring, but I can forgive this because it's very much done intentionally and showcased by some of my favourite quotes from the book such as :

"The Colonel ran ahead of me,gleeful at his ejection, and I jogged after him, trailing in his wake. I wanted to be one of those people who have streaks to maintain, who scorch the ground with their intensity. But for me, at least I knew such people, and they needed me, just like comets need tails."


"I walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk, thinking that if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane."

(Apparently there's a whole tumblr dedicated to this quote.)

This review's a tricky one! Usually I like to go into a bit more detail on the plot etc but because it's hard to fully talk about the important events that unfold without massive spoilers it's hard to get to the core of what the book's really about without ruining it for people. Parts of it definitely took me by surprise and it ended up being a very poignant, touching read for me.

Vague reviews aside, I'd really recommend giving this a read, especially if you love the whole boarding school setting, but even if you don't I'd say there's something that everyone would be able to take away from this.

Have you read Looking for Alaska? What did you think of it?

Monday, 10 August 2015

Dress Diary #4 Strawberry (fields) Dresses Forever

I bought this dress in the sale from House of Fraser and was going to wear it to the blogger meet up last weekend however it got really crumpled in my case and I was running too late in the morning to bash about with the iron, so I wore it this weekend instead!

The actual make of the dress is "Trollied Dolly" and they have lots of pretty numbers which I'm now lusting after!

We went to Portrush for the day, which is a lovely seaside town up near the Giant's Causeway, and saw an outdoor screening of The Little Mermaid! We were the only adults there without children, but TLM is one of my favourite films so obviously I wasn't bothered! (And once you've spent a year working at Disney World, going to a children's movie feels like the most natural thing in the world.)

It wasn't raining when the film was on, though it did start the second I decided to take some outfit photos obviously!

I went out on Saturday night, and of course I didn't get a full photo of my outfit, but someone did take a really nice picture of me with my boyfriend, Awwwww! We're coming up for three years together soon!

Let me know what you got up to at the weekend in the comments!