Monday, 6 July 2015

The Tall Ships

Yesterday we headed into Belfast to check out the Tall Ships festival.  To give a bit more context, the Tall Ships is a race organised on a yearly basis (although it's only been in Belfast three times) by Sail Training International and iconic ships from all over the world are docked, giving people the chance to board them.

The weather was really strange, it was raining one minute then the next it was so sunny that I was cursing the fact that I was wearing tights! And while we're on the topic of clothes, I am raging I didn't wear anything nautical themed! Remember those shorts I bought last week with the anchors on them? Yeah, I wore the other new shorts that I bought for reasons unknown.

Bizarre fashion choices aside, I had a great day! There was a buzzing festival atmosphere, with live music, food stands and bars.

Top - Primark, Shorts and Jacket - H&M, Sunglasses - A random dodgy shop in Thailand

We went for a wander around the market place as well, which was bustling with activity. It wasn't a far cry from the christmas market actually, there were a lot of similar stands. I got some food to chomp on :

Just looking at that picture is making my mouth water! It was slices of potato mixed with onions, bacon, cheese and cream and it was divine.

 My boyfriend got me a present at one of the stands, a new ring! I love rings that are a bit unusual looking and I really liked how this was made with amber. The woman at the stand was lovely too and was coping well with the mad rush of people looking to buy things!

And look who I met!

'Cause nothing says nautical festival like a giagantic penguin dressed like a tourist!

I went out on a wee night out on Saturday night, so keep your peepers peeled for an outift post coming up soon! And let me know in the comments if you got up to anything exciting this weekend!

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  1. Love the ring! That is so my kind of style!

    Sarah sx

  2. Oh, what a lovely day! I love seeing lots of big ships around, they kind of change the whole environment (in a good way)! We get Tall Ships events around here, but they tend to mostly be in larger ports, so I don't really get to see them. Thanks for sharing your day :)

    1. Thanks for reading! Yeah, it was an amazing experience, kind of made me want to pack it all in and just sail the oceans, sadly that wouldn't fund my makeup addiction though! xx

  3. Your manicure is too cute! And love looking at ships...!

  4. Sounds as if you had an awesome weekend, I love that you referenced your sunglasses as being from a dodgy shop in Thailand, that did make me giggle haha. That ring is gorgeous and those potatoes sound so amazing. I should not be looking at this just before lunchtime D: xx

    1. Haha, it was so dodgy! They were only £3 though?! The potatoes were soo nice, I need to try and make them myself!