Friday, 24 July 2015

The Love/Hate Tag

I was nominated in the Love/Hate tag a while back by the lovely sisters at The Flower That Blooms, you can read their post here and make sure you read the rest of their stuff, their blog is brilliant. Oh! And all credit goes to them for the lovely logo for this tag.

Just to give a warning here, I can already tell this post is going to be a bit of a ramble-y one! Basically you list ten things you love and ten things you hate and explain why.



1. Expedition Everest 

You know the ride at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Florida? I love it. Love, love love it! My boyfriend got to do a behind the scenes tour and I'm only just recovering from the fact that I wasn't able to go as well! I love this ride so much I would happily pitch up in the queue and just live there forever! I just wish they'd fix the giant yeti at the end so he swipes at you as you ride by, sort yourselves out Disney!

2. Puppets

Not in a weird, obsessed way, but I love any tv show or film involving some kind of puppet! Bodger and Badger, Sooty and Sweep, The Muppets, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, you name it, if it's got some kind of cute animal puppet character I'm gonna love it.

3. Old films

Ideally starring Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn or Marlon Brando, but I have a soft spot for all old movies. Breakfast at Tiffany's and My Fair Lady are my favourites.

4. Pandas

Did God create a more majestic creature? I think not!

5. 80s music

A guy in my previous job told me he thought there was no good music created in the 80s. I think that was the moment our friendship ended.

6. Coming home from the library with a big bag of books

I honestly think this is my favourite feeling in the whole, entire world.

7. Harry Potter

I feel like this should automatically just be on everyone's list. I also love the Harry Potter world at Universal Studios, this is another theme park area that I could happily live in forever.

8. Cheese

When I'm at a restaurant I always order the option with the most cheese. I especially love it deep fried where it's all melty in the middle.

9. Hangover Days

Not the ones where you feel so ill that you want to kill yourself, but I quite enjoy the just-a-slight-headache type of hangovers that are basically just an excuse to stay in bed all day and then order takeaway as soon as Dominos opens at 5.

10. My Boyfriend

Well this just got soppy! Seriously though, he's amazing. (And I think he sometimes reads this, so that's brownie points right there!)


1. People that ask how food is before you try it

Like, your food has just arrived at the table, and then the perosn next to you is like "How is it?" and you've barely even got your fork in it yet, and then you have to waste valuable eating time telling them you haven't tasted it yet...Urgh! Why do people do that!

2. Wet sand

I love beaches but I detest it when you go in the sea and all the sand gets stuck to your feet, just thinking about it makes my skin crawl!

3. Waking up 2 minutes before my alarm

I usually set a few alarms to allow for snooze time but I hate it when I forget and wake up and look at the time and it's like "Oh! I've got to get up now!"

4. Losing my car in a carpark

To be fair I think this only happened once but it was traumatic enough to warrant a place on this list. Nightmare!

5. Primark on a Saturday

It's basically just a giant cattlemarket! People everywhere you step, clothes also everywhere you step and the queues rivalling that of a rollercoaster. A special hate filled shout out also goes to any parents who leave their children unattended and wrecking havoc in the changing rooms.

6. Dealing with crazy members of the general public

There was a time when I liked working in customer service (like when I worked at Disney World) but my previous job had mystery shoppers that actually wore hidden cameras so the manager could watch the videos back. This meant I had to be insanely friendly to even the most horrendous of customers and it took its toll.

7. Parking

I just can't do it! Parallel parking still scares me even though I've been driving for seven years, but my personal worst parking moment was the time I went into a multi story car park (at christmas when it was busy) and there was one parking space left. One! And it didn't even tell me what floor, so I drove round all nine of them until I eventually found it.

8. People driving really close behind me

I hate it! If I'm doing the speed limit then why do people insist on driving right at my bumper like maniacs in a car chase? Sometimes I feel like people genuinely think they're in a real life version of Mario Cart.

9. Someone I know driving behind me

Another car related one! I hate when I look in my mirror and see someone I know in the car behind (even if they're not driving like a nut job - see above), I just find it insanely off putting and worry that I'll do something stupid like crash infront of them. You'd think that I'd be glad to see a friendly face if I crashed but apparently not!

10. When I get a notfication on my phone for something I've already seen on my laptop

I get so excited when I see the little light on my mobile flashing. And then even more excited when I unlock the screen and see the twitter icon. And then even more excited when I see I've got a new follower. And then I realise I've already seen this notification on my laptop and want to bin my phone.

I loved doing that tag, it was probably my favourite yet! I also found out I have a lot of road rage issues, didn't expect there to be so many car related ones! Please tag yourself if you fancy doing it too or let me know some of your loves and hates in the comments!


  1. Pandas are adorable! I hate any sand, wet or dry getting on my feet. Ew! I hate waking up just before my alarm too! But if you wake up a few hours before it's like phew I can still sleep! Such a good feeling ha! - Rachel xxx

  2. Hahahahaha, I LOVED this post babe! Literally laughed out loud at your number 10 hate, when you just said you wanted to bin your phone. Such a fun read :) and I also loved Bodger and Badger! :) My boyfriend was reading this over my shoulder and noticed that you had a lot of car related hates too hahaa ;) but to be fair there are too many nutters on the road!! :) can't wait to do my post now, thanks to the girls too! :) xxxx

  3. Awww this is such a great post - love it!!! Such a nice picture of you both and that ride is one of my faves at Disney!! I love it!! You are so right about the yeti!!

    Sarah xxx

  4. I always lose my car in the carpark and its the most annoying thing ever!! I loveeee your header :) xx

    Abi |

  5. The first hate! My boyfriend does this to me every time or says "is the food nice?" I don't know I haven't tried it yet! I wish I thought of that for my one! xx