Thursday, 30 July 2015

Library Haul Part 2

Welcome back to my Library Haul! You can read Part 1 here. I know you'v all been eagerly waiting for the second half, right?!

Onwards with the rest of the books!

Star of the Sea, Joseph O'Connor

This is another book from my Perfect Library series. I don't know if I mentioned this before but all of these books are in one place at the back of the library which makes it easy to find them. I'd have packed it in ages ago if I had to actually hunt the shelves for them you see.

From the back:

In the bitter winter of 1847, from an Ireland torn by injustice and natural disaster, the Star of the Sea sets sail for New York...On board are hundreds of fleeing refugees...All are connected more deeply than they can possibly know. But a camouflaged killer is stalking the decks, hungry for the vengeance that will bring absolution.

I think that this looks really good! Looking forward to finding out more about this so called "camouflaged killer", I hope it's a good mystery! I actually don't really know much about the potato famine, I think we were too busy covering coal mines and such in my history class in Scotland, so it'll hopefully be a bit educational as well!

The Folly of French Kissing, Carla McKay

A chick lit! I have a strange relationship with this genre, I always pick them up thinking it'll be a great lightheated read and then get frustrated with the writing style and characters and can't finish it. Don't get me wrong, chick lit done well is absolutely brilliant, but so often I just don't find that it is done well! I don't even mind the plot being cliche as such, but I struggle when the writing style is so much like the same old rehashed phrases you read in all of them that you could play a game of chick lit phrases bingo.

Anyway, I thought I'd give this one a go anyway since it was sitting there all pretty and pink and in the "Summer reads" section.

From the back:

After finding herself innocently at the centre of a school scandal, teacher and poet Judith Hay decides there is really only one thing she can do and that is leave Britain...Judith soon finds, however that despite her attraction to the charming bookseller Gerard, not all is quite as it seems in Vevey. The sunny climate and rural location are magnets for people with things to hide. She is thrust into the role of a modern-day Miss Marple to uncover a terrible secret....

Well, I like the fact that it's set in France, I can see why this was suggested as a seasonal read, and I also like the fact that there's a bit of a mystery, it seems like hopefully this is chick lit that has a bit more to it, although guaranteed the secret is going to be something really mundane!

Otherwise Engaged, Jayne Ann Krentz

Not entirely sure what to make of this one, the cover is almost a bit 80's looking and I've noticed it says "A Ladies of Lantern Street Novel". I'm hoping it stands alone and that I don't need to have read any of the books that came before it for it to make sense!

From the back:

One does not expect to be kidnapped on a London street in broad daylight. Yet Amity Doncaster barely escapes with her life after meeting a man in a black silk mask who whispers the most vile taunts and threats into her ear...

The monster known in the press as the Bridegroom has left a trail of female victims in his wake and will soon be on his feet again. He is unwholesomely obsessed with Amity's scandalous connection to Bennedict Stanbridge and Bennedict refuses to let this resourceful, daring woman suffer for her romantic link to him....

A victorian romantic mystery! Sounds like a perfect combination. I have a feeling that this one will either be really bad or really good!

And that's all the books I got out! I'll try to review them all as and when I finish them and we can judge how successful my library haul was! It's lookin' good though!

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  1. Urgh! I want these books so bad. I haven't even read any novel in so long, an I just wish I had more free time to read. I hope you always do, and keep reading.