Monday, 20 July 2015

Dress Diary # 2, The Paisley Print Playsuit

I I know that technically a playsuit isn't a dress, but they say start as you mean go go on, and I absolutely intend to go on featuring things that aren't strictly (or remotely like) dresses.

I wore this playsuit from Blue Inc on Saturday night for a birthday night out, I liked the colours, I thought it looked really summery...even if the weather outside wasn't summery at all. Luckily I brought a jacket (gone are my days of being a student and leaving it at home so I could save the £2 I would have spent in the cloakroom.)

My shoes were from Tesco and cost £20. I don't think I've ever bought shoes from a supermarket before, but I absolutely loved these! Will absolutely be checking out the shoe section again on my next weekly shop.

And my make up for the night :

I look quite serious in this picture, but trust me it was the best of a bad ol' bunch! Hope everyone had a nice weekend, let me know in the comments if you got up to anything exciting!


  1. Lovely outfit! I can't believe those shoes are from Tesco, not bad at all for £20 😊
    Poppy |

    1. I know, crazy eh?! Thanks for the comment :) xx

  2. Aww I love the playsuit and I love the shoes too!

    Sarah xx

  3. absolutely gorgeous outfit! Love the playsuit and the colours! And your shoes,wow love them and from tesco,interesting! You look amazing x

  4. Cute outfit =]

  5. You look gorgeous! Love the playsuit, it has a lovely design! xx