Saturday, 20 June 2015

Primark Top Haul

Two posts in two days? Clearly I am on fire this week! The Fashion tab on my blog was looking a bit empty so I thought I'd show everyone what I picked up in Primary today. The dress code in my office is smart-casual ish so I'll probably pair these with a nice skirt for work :

I also got this t shirt which I'll not be wearing to work, but will pair it with some shorts for summer!

All of these were between £3-£6. bargain city!

You can probably tell from my blog decor that I'm all about pink and spots, so I also had to pick up this little beaut for £1 (I'm one of those suckers that always makes a last minute purchase at the check out):

So that was everything I got today. I also stopped off at a craft shop and bought some bits and pieces for a post I've got coming up. (Cue mysterious music.)

Has anyone else picked up any bargains in Primark lately?

Have The Town


  1. Cute haul =]

  2. Primark have had some great tops in recently! Love the ones you have chosen.

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog


  3. Great haul. Love the black lace one. Haven't been in primark for a while, need to change that I think.

    M xx

    The CSI Girls

    1. You need to go! They've got some really nice stuff in for summer :)

  4. Love the ones with the little collars on them! So nice! x

  5. Hey! Great Post. Primark got really nice clothes these days. I saw some of those tops on store. Nice tops :)