Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Birthday Wishlist

It's my BIRTHDAY on Thursday. Yaaaaay! I've been thinking for a while (months we're talking here) about what I want. I'd just like to add that by no means do I expect to get all of these things! Especially since I haven't, you know, told anyone I want this stuff, but maybe I'll frantically email the link round everyone I know after I post this. (Along with the news that I've started a blog.)

1. A Nail Art kit

Since I've been getting my nails done I'd really love to give it a go myself. Obviously I will probably be a bit rubbish, art never was my best subject, but I'd love to give it a bash!

2. Urban Decay Naked Palette

I've wanted one of these for ages! I think every beauty blogger in the world has one and I think I'm probably going to buy one of these for myself if I don't get it from anyone else! My only dilemma is which one to get! I'm leaning slightly more to the original one since I love brown, neutral colours the most but if anyone has a strong argument about why I should get 2 or 3 then I can be easily swayed. Hit me with advice, people!

3. Asos Poppy High Heels

Ok. This is a cheat, I know I'm getting these beauts because I ordered them online yesterday. They're just so pretty! The last time I wore heels this high I fell over and broke my wrist (idiot!) so perhaps the real "wish" part of this is the hope that I'll be able to walk in them.

4. Mac Lipstick in Ravishing

Someone I know was wearing this lipstick the other day and it's lovely. I've been a big fan of orangey-red lipsticks, ever since I tried Infrared by Topshop so this fits the bill for me perfectly.

5. Max Factor Colour Elixer Pink Brandy

This is a really pretty peachy pink colour, I really want this to wear on my birthday night out!

5 Flooze Nautical Charm Bag

I spied this in Debenhams the other day and my boyfriend had to prise me away from it. I love all things nautical and I especially love the little charms! It reminds me of some of the bags you can get from Guess, only a lot less expensive! I also adore the colour, it's so sunny and summery!

6. H&M Shorts

Continuing on with the nautical theme here, I love these shorts with the little anchors on them! I know I have tons of shorts which I bought when I was living in Australia but one more pair can't hurt...

7. A Samoyed Puppy

 Ok. I know this one isn't going to happen, but I want a puppy so much! He could keep our current dog company and they could frolick around together and be best friends and it would just be the best thing ever!

So that's my list! Has anyone got anything they've been lusting after? Let me know!

And if anyone reading this wants to give me a birthday present, follow me on Bloglovin'! ;)
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  1. I was so unsure which Naked palette to get when Jordan said he'd get me one for Christmas.. I opted for Basics 2 to start with and I love it. Have you seen the new one which is due to be released in July? It is gorgeous!! xxx

    1. Yes I did! It looks fabulous! :) xx

  2. Im rubbish at art as well, but nail art is different, it can be as messy as you like and people will love it haha =]


    1. Haha, I don't think you understand how truly bad I am though! But thanks for the words of encouragement, will let you know if I give it a go and how it turns out!! xx

  3. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great day!! Those shorts are so cute, need to pay more attention to clothes than bloody chopping boards, haha!!

    Sarah xx


    1. No, that chopping board was essential!! Thank you very much, I had a great day! :)

  4. Such a cute puppy! When I put my puppy on my wishlist I got him the next month ;). I also want a Naked palette. Every beauty blogger has one and I feel like i'm missing out! Haha x

    1. Haha really! I didn't get one sadly, but I'm holding out hope for Christmas! I know, I felt like I was the only person not the in the cool Urban Decay club! I got the original Naked palette in the end and I would really recommend it, it's so pretty!x