Wednesday, 10 June 2015

BBQ Recipes

Bit of a deviation from my normal posts here (And its not birthday related!) but the sunny weather (and the fact we had a BBQ tonight) inspired me.

I love a good BBQ as much as the next person, but whenever it gets sunny we always end up doing them to death, seizing the small amount of good weather that we get before we're back to rain again! By the third day I  get a bit bored of burgers and sausages, even if they are chargilled to perfection. (And especially if they're not) so we started experimenting with a few different ideas for what else can be cooked on a BBQ.


I'm basically a cheese fiend, so any excuse to have cheese and legitimately call it dinner is an absolute go ahead for me! 

For these I used Halloumi, Red Onion and Courgettes, shoved them all on a skewer, stuck them on the barbie and VOILA! 


These are along a similar theme to the above recipe, but this time I used chicken, pepper and red onion.


For the skewers :

Basically just mush up (not entirely sure what the technical term for this would be, but mush works) some lamb mince with corriander, mintgarlic, salt and pepper roll it all into balls and shove them on skewers.

For the sauce: 

Chop up some cucumber (remove the seeds), garlic, lemon juice and mint very finely and combine it all with some greek yoghurt and a dash of paprkia and leave in the fridge till you're ready to use it to let all the flavours marinate. 

You can buy skewers from any pound shop or I also spied them in B & Q, I would recomend getting the wooden ones because I know from experience that the metal ones can get too hot to hold and where's the fun in cooking things on a stick if you have to remove it all and eat it from a plate like a normal meal?


For a bit of a change from normal chicken we just chopped up some chicken breasts and covered them in a chicken tika sauce, left it all to marinate for an hour and then cooked it on the BBQ. So simple, but more exciting than regular chicken!


Very similar to the Tika chicken, marinate the chicken in fresh lemon and lime juice, along with some olive oil and mixed herbs and then cook as normal.


Can't have a BBQ without a bit of side salad! For this we used Boiled potatoes, diced onion, spinach, carrot and mayonaise.

Let me know if you try any of these or if you have any other suggestions!

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  1. I just blogged about the BBQ I had over the wknd... Brazilian style...! Check it out at

    The halloumi skewers look awesome! Will have to try it next time ;)