Sunday, 24 May 2015

Perfect Library Update - Where'd You Go Bernadette

I'm making more progress with my Perfect Library list, although at this rate it will be 2020 by the time I get it completed. See, the problem is that I used to read as a hobby, but now I have a new hobby : blogging. Which was great until I realised that I hadn't read any books to actually blog about.

Anyway! The next book I chose was "Where'd You Go Bernadatte"  by Maria Semple mainly because I was drawn to the Holly Golightly-esque picture on the cover.

The first word that spring to mind about this book is random. Completely and utterly random and unlike any books I've read before but in a good way. The way it's written was practically giving me whiplash at the start when it switched between storytelling by letters, reports and first person narrative but when I got used to it I actually quite enjoyed it.

The book is told from the viewpoint of Bee, an intelligent girl whose mother has gone missing and depicts all the events leading up to the point where her mother disappeared. I don't really want to say too much else without spoiling it, but Bernadette didn't vanish until pretty late on, like I'm talking about 2/3's through the book which was a bit frustrating.

 I felt like I was waiting for most of the book to actually get to the main plot, which is annoying because if I hadn't know Bernadette was meant to go missing I would have enjoyed reading about Bee and her mum and their every day lives and hilarious interaction with their neighbours without constantly wondering when the action was going to start.

However it is a really nice book, parts of it are very witty and the author did a wonderful job of fleshing out characters who I initially thought were going to be one dimensional stereotypes so I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting a touching and entertaining read.

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