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The Guinness Factory and Game of Thrones Tour

My pal visited me from Australia recently and, as a Scottish person living in Ireland, I had to frantically do research about where to take him and how to work it all round a schedule that would also allow us a crazy night out (priorities obviously!)

I took him to The Guinness Storehouse which I've been to before and we had a grand day out. My boyfriend drove us there, which was ideal firstly because it meant I could drink while I was there, but mainly because I've heard that driving in Dublin is mental. (Let's just say I wasn't disappointed.)

The museum starts off by showing how Guinness is made before teaching you how to properly drink it (Apparently this doesn't involve just necking it. Go figure!)

There's also a section on Guinness advertising which let you superimpose your face onto famous Guinness posters.

I'm famous!

The highlight of the day was getting taught how to pour a proper pint of Guinness.

After you pour your pint you get a certificate with your name on it. Interesting fact here - One of the bartenders that works in the UK themed bar at Disney World has this framed on the wall and tells guests that he was personally trained by Guinness to pour their pints. (Which I guess technically he was, along with several hundred thousand other people.)

Right at the top of the building there's also an amazing roof top bar where you can see over all of Dublin.

The other trip we went on was a Game of Thrones tour around Northern Ireland where they took us round tons of the locations where they film the show and told us tons of behind the scenes trivia.

Apparently the farmer who agreed to the fields in the picture below being used didn't realise that HBO was actually a massive American network. Basically he thought he was giving his permission for students to film stuff for uni and didn't know what was going on when heaps of trailers and film crew turned up the next day.

We also stopped off for lunch at an old Irish pub where Lena Headey (who plays Cersei Lannister) had her wedding reception.

The tour would still be good even if you're not a Game of Thrones fan (At one point they passed round an ipad showing us where a location we'd just seen appeared in the show and the man sitting next to us leaned over and was like "This is the Game of Thrones they keep mentioning?") because it also took us to places like The Giant's Causeway and The Carrick-a-rede rope bridge to see some amazing scenery.

The Giant's Causeway is a massive natural formation of rocks that are the result of a volcanic eruption that took place over 60 million years ago. Or, as legend would have it, they used to form a walkway between Scotland and Northern Ireland, until a Scottish giant destroyed it with a giant club because he was terrified of the Irish giant. I'm going to go with the volcanic eruption version personally, I refuse to believe a Scottish giant would be anything other than a complete badass.

Racist legends aside, the Causeway is incredibly beautiful and completely unlike anything I have ever seen.

The Carrick-a-rede Rope bridge also offered excellent scenery, albeit from a somewhat more terrifying viewpoint.

The bridge was built 350 years ago by fishermen to allow across to the tiny island where they would fish for salmon.

Back in those days the bridge was pretty much a glorified bit of rope, so hats off to them because I was terrified even crossing the new and updated version! That said, it was pretty much blowing a gale and they did actually end up closing the bridge after we were back over so I reckon on a normal day it would be grand, and the fear kind of added to the experience. (Kind of like a less safe version of a rollercoaster.)

Our last stop off on the way home was the Dark Hedges which is where they filmed Aria's escape from King's Landing at the end of Season 1. Apparently they closed the road for a week while they covered all the tarmac with mud and took down the fences that looked too modern and then showed the take for all of 5 seconds.

Has anyone else done any good tv tours? Let me know!

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