Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sunday Shopping

I thought I'd just do a little update about what I got up to this weekend. I always enjoy reading these kind of posts because I love getting a little glimpse into people's day to day life that you don't get from make up and book reviews! Anyway, let me know if you like these kind of posts and I will gladly go out shopping every day and take photos of it!

If you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen a few of these photos already, but for those who don't (why not?! Sort your lives out!) this was my outfit of the day :

And this was the fairly casual make up look I was sporting :

We went through to Belfast to go shopping, primarily to get me a dress to wear for my birthday party which is next week.

On the way we stopped at a little cafe round the corner from the flat where we used to live and I had a caramel latte and one of their sea salt caramel brownies.

(Side note here - Before we started on our coffees my boyfriend was like "Do you want to take a picture of this before I drink it?" He's becoming used to my blogging ways!)

I tried to take a picture of the cafe itself but there were tons of people sitting in the window (so inconsiderate, don't they know I have a blog to write?!) and I didn't want to look like a weird stalker. 

We then headed into town to look at the shops. The first place we went to was a little boutique that I love called Liberty Blue. They have a website, although I think it's just jewellery that's on it right now. I honestly love this shop so much, I was delighted to finally go back for the first time since coming home from travelling! It's a treasure trove of vintage dresses and jewellery and whenever I go in I always want to buy the whole shop.

Sure enough I came away with a new dress which is now hanging in my wardrobe till next Saturday!

I bought shoes from Asos earlier on in the week to wear on my night out, but they really don't go with the dress, so I popped into New Look and bought some pink ones. I tried to find a link to buy these on their website but they don't appear to be on there! I'd guess they've maybe sold out, so if you want to buy them I'd check in store!

With my birthday purchases done we just meandered round the rest of city centre and went into Victoria Square, a big shopping centre that has a clear dome at the top that allows you to see out over Belfast.

These are the stairs leading up to the top. Climbing up them reminded me slightly of the time we got in the wrong queue at the Eiffle Tower and had to trek up all the stairs while the queue across from us zoomed up in the lift.

This clock tower must be Belfast's version of Big Ben. I don't think London has anything to worry about there!

Does blogging make anyone else feel like a complete tourist? Recently I've found myself taking pictures of myself in places I've been hundreds of time already, just incase I want to put them in a post!

After all that we headed home and played with the dog in the garden for a bit!

What did everyone else get up to this weekend? Let me know!

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  1. Blogging completely makes feel like a tourist! I went round the town I've lived in for four years earlier this week taking photos for a blog post and it felt so weird!

    Laura x

    1. Haha yes! It's crazy eh? But good in a way cause it's making me see how I live through the perspective of someone who's not bored of it! xx

  2. Oooo those lace shoes are gorgeous =]

    1. Thank you! I was delighted when I saw them :) xx

  3. Those lace shoes are so adorable! I hope we get to see a Birthday OOTD! :D

    xo Jenn

    1. Oh definitely! I'll probably do a post on what I wear for my birthday and what I wear for my birthday night only comes once a year, may as well drag it out a bit!! xx

  4. Love the dress you got for your burthday party! Haha, thought it was so cute that your boyfriend asked you that first before he had a sip - he's a keeper!!

  5. That sea salt caramel brownie looks divine. Loved this post, personal posts are always nice to read :) x