Friday, 29 May 2015

Barry M Sunset Nail Paint

I popped into Superdrug again on my lunch the other week (I'd just like to take this moment to say that none of these posts are sponsored by Superdrug and that it's completely of my own accord that I spend all my time and money in there) and picked up some of the new Barry M Sunset Nail Paint.

I've always been a fan of Barry M, to be honest I think everybody is, I've never actually heard anyone say they didn't like their nail varnishes (happy to be proved wrong though so give me a shout if you detest them) but these are just a new level of brilliant.

I picked up two different shades, "The Way You Make Me Teal" and "Peach For The Stars" (See what they've done there?) as well as the topcoat.

The main premise behind these is that the varnish dries in natural light to create a long lasting gel finish. I have to say I was pretty impressed. My nails didn't look exactly like I'd got them done at a salon (although this may well be down to my nail painting skill, or lackthereof...) but they did look lovely and glossy and lasted for ages!

My nail varnish usually chips by the first day (or hour) but these lasted for about four days before getting chipped and during this time I was up to all sorts - I even helped my boyfriend paint the kitchen! (And found that I'm even worse at that type of painting.)

One thing I will say is that I found the teal colour went on more smoothly than the pink, which went on a bit more streaky, but did end up looking nice eventually.

I tried the topcoat with a different brand of nail varnish and it didn't work and, to be fair, it does say on the bottle not to do this so I don't know what I was expecting, but it means I'm really hoping they're going to bring out more shades because there's currently only 8. Ideally I'd love to see some more girly pastels!

Has anyone else tried these nail varnishes? What were your thoughts?

Have The Town


  1. I haven't tried this particular themed ones from Barry M but that real colour looks lovely!

    I actually didn't like the quick dry ones at all, I found them hard to work with as they dried so fast.

    Tarnya /

    1. Yeah the teal one was my favourite! Thanks so much for the comment, will have to check out your blog!
      Kirsty x

  2. I love this collection, i need to get a couple of colours =]

  3. I reviewed these for my blog as well and thought very much the same as you! They lasted well for me too, but I found so many of them streaky!