Saturday, 25 April 2015

The Perfect Library

I've recently started a reading challenge where I'm trying to read every single book on the N.I libraries "The Perfect Library" List which can be found here if anyone is interested.

There's 164 books on the list, some of which I have already read and love, so it seemed like a great idea because I'm always frantically looking for book requests.

I've printed out the list and I'm going to score off every book as I read it - very high tec I know!

I originally thought I'd maybe give myself a time line of about a year but then my boyfriend pointed out that, even missing out the ones I've already read, I'd have to read a book every two and a half days. I'm an avid reader but I thought committing to that kind of manic reading schedule would be wildly optimistic even for me, so I revised my expectations and set myself the goal of getting it done by...some point.

The first book I picked off the list was Recipe for Love by Katie Fforde, thinking I would get one of the quicker to read books crossed off within a day or so. I knew it was going to be chick lit, but I figured it would be chick lit done really well. I hated it.

I know all of these types of books are going to be fairly formulaic to a certain degree, but this one just seemed predictable to the stage where I didn't even feel like I wanted to read to the end to see what happened and it was a struggle to finish it.

It wasn't the worst book I have read by any means (a bizarre book I read when I was younger about a girl inhabiting the body of an ape takes that honour) and I would probably wouldn't have been as annoyed by it if I had just randomly picked it off the shelf somewhere, but the whole "perfect library" thing gave me high (false) expectations, as did the calibre of a lot of other books on that list. The two books following it, for example, are Bridget Jones' Diary - (chick lit done brilliantly) and The Great Gatsby for gods sake!

ANYWAY, I refuse to let it put me off my perfect library challenge and next up is a massive book full of mini stories by Agatha Christie which I am sure won't dissapoint. (If it does I'll probably be ripping the list up and this post will be the first and last anyone hears of the perfect library)

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  1. That is really brave of you to take that serious challenge. Looking forward more updates about it. I'm sure it'll be interesting.

    1. Thank you! Haha I know, its very ambitious, started to have second thoughts when I saw the size of the Agatha Christie book I'm reading now (it's about 700 hundred pages of tiny writing!) but I'm going to keep ploughing on with it! :)

  2. There is certainly an eclectic mix of books on that list! I've read a few but if you ever get through all of them you'll certainly be well-read, and able to have a conversation with just about any reader! Which have you read and enjoyed so far?

    1. Haha, yeah it's such a random mix, I don't know how they even picked these to be honest, some of choices are obvious and some not so much!

      I love The Great Gatsby, To Kill a Mockingbird, Harry Potter, The Life of Pi, High Fidelity and The Picture of Dorian Gray. That's maybe cheating though since I'd already read them all before I started the list!

      I've not made as much progress as I'd like, haven't been reading as much since I started blogging, need to find a balance!

      What ones have you read?