Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Mini Shopping Haul

I went shopping at the weekend and stopped in at Primark and picked up a few things, I always find Primark a bit hit or miss, sometimes I'll go in and think everything looks atrocious and sometimes I'll want to buy everything. Sunday was one of the everything days, I managed to restrain myself and just bought a few things!

I got this polka dot scarf, I was thinking I could wear it on my head a bit Mad Men-esque or round my neck in an airhostess chic kind of way:

While on the theme of head accessories, I also bought some hair grips in a pack of three including a butterfly and a bar type thing with pearls on it: 

Annnd I also bought another headband...I'm spotting a theme here. Nothing makes you realise how many similar items you've bought like itemizing it all in a blog. (Can I just take a minute here to note how ironic it is that the word "blog" comes up unrecognised on the spellcheck...on my blog. I know, I'm easily amused.)

This one's great actually, I didn't realise when I bought it but it's actually three individual hairbands so you can wear them all seperately or together, like I did in the photo below:

I also bought some pretty bracelets: 

All of these accessories were around the £2-£3 mark if anyone was wondering.

I got a stretchy belt, a new dress and a black cardigan for work too, I'll save those for an outfit post later on in the week. (I hope everyone can stand the suspense)

After spending about an hour in Primark I popped into Shoe Zone and got these shoes which were on offer for two for £10. I loved the flowery ones and since they were £7 on their own I figured I might as well get the black ones as well for an extra £3 (blithely ignoring the fact they're very like several pairs I already own).

Last but not least, we got the dog a new ball because his old one is burst - this is all completely his own fault because his idea of playing is running after the ball when you throw it and then just bolting with it held tightly in his teeth so you can't get it back and he wins. (He doesn't really understand the whole fetch and drop thing) We got him a bright orange squeaky one which he appears to love if the noises I can hear at all hours are anything to go by.

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