Sunday, 12 April 2015

Easter Days Out

Haaaaaappy Easter everyone! Mine got off to a slightly rocky start on Saturday when we went to Sainsbury's to get eggs (we had some already but you can never have enough easter chocolate) and the surly checkout man told us "They're all being taken off the aisles. Easter's over by the way."

Well little did he know my Easter was just starting and out of spite I went out of my way to celebrate for the next few days (week) by eating any chocolate I could get my hands on. (Not eggs though. They had all been taken off the aisles - I checked.) Between chomping I also had the time to go on some lovely days out.

On Monday I went to a country park hosting an easter egg hunt (clearly they didn't think easter was over either, so take that nasty sainsbury's man). I didn't take part in this because I had a strong suspicious it was aimed at children (confirmed by the many groups of screaming youths running around hunting for clues) but I had a great time and saw some ducks and a giant rabbit and I don't know what else you could want from a day out.

In the car all excited for my Easter day out!

I have a fat panda decorating my car

OH! And most importantly of all, we found out that we were standing in the very spot where some of Game of Thrones was filmed. Of course we only realised this when we saw some giant signs. ("You know nothing Jon SnoooOOoowwww")

Winter is coming!

On Tuesday I went up a mountain. This is not like me, I rarely indulge in any kind of walking, much less up mountains but it was another nice day and seemed a shame to waste it. To clarify by "up a mountain" I really mean half way up a mountain to a randomly placed lake and then back down again but I didn't fall in any puddles or trip over any rocks and break my leg so I'm counting this as another successful day out.

For my third day out I went to the beach! Well, a seaside town to be more specific. We walked along the promenade, ate ice cream and generally delighted in the fact we had now had three sunny days in a row.

Last, but not least, yesterday we went to another country park with the dog this time and got walked round it by him. It's good exercise because it's very hard to keep up with him, especially when he sees another dog and tries to pull your arm off.

Last night in one last display of defiant Easter Spirit I bought some Hot Cross Buns for 5p in Tesco, so it all goes to show you can keep the easter joy going for as long as you like (much like in The Muppets Christmas Carol when Scrooge decides he's going to keep the Christmas merriment alive all year round) And on that note I'm away to eat more chocolate.
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