Sunday, 26 April 2015

Budget Beauty Items

Superdrug have an amazing offer on right now where if you buy three items you get the cheapest one free. Obviously I popped in to get one thing and came away with three, but I didn't pay for one of them and I got a free make up bag so really I was saving money...kind of.

The first thing I bought was the Heaven and Earth Palette from MUA for £4 :

I love the colours in this, they're all very natural and you can't really see this in the picture but they're all really pretty and shimmery and very pigmented. This also came with a brush which, going by the photo I appear to have misplaced already. No great loss though cause it wasn't very good and I've just been using my regular eyeshadow brush.

I also bought the Rimmel Provocalips lip colour in Kiss Me You Fool. My opinion on this is mixed, I love the colour and I love the idea of it being double sided with the gloss to put over it. The issue I had was the "16 hours of kiss proof colour" bit, I found that some of the lipstick stayed on for ages and some of it..kind of didn't, leaving me with patchy looking lips.

And, annoyingly, when I tried to quickly wipe the rest of it off it wouldn't budge (clearly this was the 16 hours bit really kicking in) I actually had to scrub at it with a make up remover before it was completely gone. If I was going to wear this again I would make sure to carry it around with me all day so I could top it up if needed because it's not something that wears off naturally and looks ok.

The eyeliner I'm wearing in this photo is the Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner and is the third thing I got in the deal. I've read rave reviews about this liner and I can see why. It goes on like a dream, dries quickly and the brush has a good point to it making it easy to create fine lines, and it's only £2.99 - Actual BARGAIN!

Speaking of bargains...Boots organic skincare range - which I love- is also on offer right now with a lot of items half price and I picked up a tub of their All Bright Hydrating Day Cream for £2.50. 

Has anyone bought any other budget beauty products they'd recommend?
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