Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Narnia Trail, Sunny Weather and Daffodils

Today, to celebrate my car passing its MOT (which I have discovered is actually a very stressful affair in Northern Ireland, especially if you are chronically unorganised and book it at the last minute) or potentially to put off having to do any revision for my job interview tomorrow, we went on an afternoon trip to the park.

It all started off standard enough, just your run of the mill day at the park, until we turned a corner and spotted NARNIA. Before anyone thinks I'm going mad, this was actually a trail that had been set up and not me and my other half having a few too many drinks and thinking we'd found another world in a wardrobe. (I wouldn't put it past us) I have pictures to prove it and everything!

Apologies in advance for any dodgy quality, these were taken on my phone's camera (well I didn't know we were going to find Narnia did I?) with one hand while also trying to hold back an overenthusiastic dog from bounding into the shot.

First we came to the wardrobe door, this is our first indication that we're about to embark on a wondrous (ten minute) journey to another realm:

Sadly the lamppost was missing, most likely having fallen victim to unruly vandals. The only indication it was once there can be seen by the orange barriers in the background of this shot. Boo!

Nevermind! Undeterred we continued and happened upon the beaver's house :

This is where things start to get a bit complicated. While there was a handy map outside the attraction and beautifully crafted poles stating what number you were at, the actual scenes themselves contained no description of what was happening. I suppose this is fine for Narnia Buffs and maybe the assumption was that you would have to be a fanatic to want to go on this walk but it meant that I had no idea what was happening at some points.

And it's not like I had no Narnia knowledge, I've read the books and I did see the recent (ish) films and I should also get bonus points for viewing the dodgy BBC adaptation which made the bold decision to randomly animate animals they didn't feel they could produce a decent puppet for, I'm talking cartoon bats and flying horses here, striking an incongrous pose amongst the human actors.

So with all that said, I have no idea what these wooden people are meant to represent, clearly I need to reread the books, but here they are anyway :

Unhelpful Sign
We stopped off to look at some lovely daffodils and rejoice in the rare UK sun (And the fact we got the dog to sit still for this photo. Couldn't get him to keep his eyes open though, that was too much of an ask.) :

And I recognise this! The nasty witch's castle! (I'm 70% sure on this) :

Again, not too sure about this bit (and neither was the dog) :

And finally, YAY, happy ending! And a chance to pretend we were on Game Of Thrones, except without a throne made of iron or,you know, a throne at all really, but beggars can't be choosers and if these wooden seats were good enough for King Peter they're good enough for us.

And then it was time to head on home, back to the onerous task of preparing for my interview. (Kidding on, I obviously sat and watched Neighbours.)

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